Interaction is represented, nowadays, by a giant social game. In this network, one can participate, function, become an integrant part, and even change things in a certain matter. I structure my program under the shape of one permanent research, trying to obtain a new understanding of reality.

Reality is not the same with the notion of ”nature”, art itself doesn’t fit into the limitations of nature. This program shifts my analysis towards the space where dreams are born, contributing, in a way, to the enrichment and expansion of possible interpretations.

I am looking for ways of breaking the barriers of the visual space, constant endeavors of seeing beyond ordinary reality. I want, I explore,

I demonstrate, and the object gradually expands, through intensive and coherent labor. I am trying to build elements of one reality that undergoes distortion and transformation. And I do that by imagining full shapes and conglomerates which base their frail existence on reality. The language of painting I have used throughout my interpretation is connected to the harsh reality of the present moment, more than in a dream or in a nightmare. A great part of my program can be improved only by understanding these shapes- spiritual man trespassing the boundaries of normality.

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